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To match our world class team, continued investment and upgrading of equipment and infrastructure are key at Directors Cut



All offline-suites are equipped with current-version Avids and are centrally connected to our petabyte of fast EditShare storage.

We also offer the option of remote viewing & sync assembly anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Each offline system has the latest full version of the Boris Continuum FX plugins, a client PC, air-conditioning and a physical window to the outside world.


We have 5 Avid Symphony online edit suites, each equipped with the current, major industry plugins including Boris Continuum, Sapphire, Blue Title and Baselight Editions.

The online suites are After Effects & DaVinci Resolve-switchable with grading panels and linked to Baselight via our AAF workflow.

All online suites are linked to our AQC computers so virtual QC can be performed while editing for extra confidence.

Grading Suite

Baselight 2 Colour Grading

Working and delivering in all resolutions, including 4K, we use the our Baselight 2 grading system in our newly refurbished grading suite with Netflix-approved 4K HDR monitoring.

This is just about the most powerful grading system money can buy, in what is one of the most comfortable grading suites in London.

We use an AAF workflow for fast interchange with our Baselight Editions-equipped online suites to streamline the process.


Audio Dubbing

We have three newly-refurbished dubbing studios equipped with the latest S6 Protools mixing desks.

Built around Protools Ultimate with a wide range of additional industry-leading audio plug-ins, we can mix and deliver for all standards including 5.1 surround-sound and Dolby Atmos.

We have fully floating rooms and an isolated VO recording booth.

Our highly skilled, creative and experienced sound team are dedicated to delivering your sound to the highest possible standards.



Our Central Apparatus Room includes a new EditShare shared storage system with 1 petabyte of storage.
We ingest rushes into our Object Matrix storage system and then transcode any number of tapeless formats onto EditShare for editing.

As well as remote viewing, we provide a variety of ways to deliver programmes electronically; from rough cuts for approval viewings, to DPP programme delivery for broadcasters.

With fibre-connected offline, online, colour grading & sound suites, Directors Cut is a very complete facility for reliable broadcast output.


Automated Dialogue Replacement

The sound department runs Protools version 12 with the latest S6 desks and has everything you need for successful A.D.R recording.

We are constantly updating all facilities and this simply ensures our team are operating the best equipment available.



We are fully equipped for QC of all deliverable formats including 4K & 5.1.

We use Content Agent for AS-11 creation, which enables insert editing of any required patches.

Further investment in Cinedeck and cineXtools has complimented this file-based-delivery workflow, now providing insert editing across multiple codecs, including Apple ProRes, which is core to many of our client’s deliverable needs. These investments have dramatically speeded up the delivery process, essential for fast-turnaround delivery.