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Having long been fans of Object Matrix’s robust tier 2 storage, we have now invested in 60TB of their MatrixStore. It will form an integral of part of an on-going, exciting Avid integration project, but will initially form the backbone of our near-line storage infrastructure.

Installation was very straight forward with the help of Gavin & the Object Matrix team assisted by our systems integrator Absolute Cad.

With over 50 hours of programming in the autumn pipeline, the benefits of the MatrixStore are already having significant impact on the speed & efficiency of our workflows.

Andy Nicholson, our technical director says, “with ever-increasing demands for storage due to file based acquisition, it was essential to find a solution that provided proven durability, as well as a means of tracking and maintaining media and metadata. No other product offers all this with seamless integration into Avid workflows. Object Matrix was a no-brainer!”