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Client Testimonials

Nuclear Armageddon:
How Close Are We?

...thanks for another great experience at DC. All the team were bang on as usual and it was a pleasure and dare I say it ‘a breeze’ cutting with you all. Till the next project…

Sam PalmerDirector/ProducerNuclear Armageddon:How Close Are We?BBC Current Affairs

Anton & Giovanni’s Adventures in Sicily

Thanks for everything….we had a really good experience working with you…and hopefully I will work with you again on something soon!

Becky CarrollProduction Manager, BBC Studios

The Burning Girls

Properly enjoyed my time with y’all.
Huge thanks to everyone at DC - all of you are cool, nice, and efficient. A great place to work!!
Hope to catch up down the road.

Charles MartinDirector, (with the team from), The Burning Girls


Directors Cut has been an absolute delight from start to finish… I can’t remember ever making a TV programme with such continuous pleasure…..everything has been unbelievably quick, efficient and friendly. A very big thank you to everyone for making it a special time for me.

Andrew SnellDirector, Micropathology

Paul Whitehouse:
Our Troubled Rivers

Thank you so much for everything, the team at DC were great. Knowledgeable, fast, and friendly! I’ll definitely be back!

Sam PalmerDirector/Producer, Paul Whitehouse: Our Troubled Rivers, BBC Studios

Queen Anne’s Revenge

Thanks again to your team, absolutely exceptional work all round…. I look forward to doing it again soon.

Jack JewersDirector/Producer, Queen Anne’s Revenge

The Flight Attendant Murders

It’s been so lovely here, it’s such a nice atmosphere around the building and if I have my way, I’ll have all of my edits here in the future.

Tamsin CurryDirector/Producer, Flight Attendant Murders, Flicker Productions

The Flight Attendant Murders

The staff here are excellent and it’s been the most stable and sound setup from a technical standpoint.

Jon CouttsEditor, Flight Attendant Murders, Flicker Productions

The Mysterious
Mr Lagerfeld

Thanks for everything throughout the entire production. It was a real team effort and despite the many miles between us, we felt in completely safe and professional hands up here in Glasgow. Hope we can work together again before long……

Lisa MoultrieProduction Manager, The Mysterious Mr Lagerfeld, Finestripe Productions

Tommy Jessop Goes to Hollywood

Thanks to everyone for your work on the film. Not only does it look and sound amazing, but the team has been brilliant throughout, from the initial ingest and assistance with my remote setup, to the final post.

Claire FergusonEditor, Tommy Jessup Goes to Hollywood, BBC Scotland

Trailblazers: A Rocky Mountain Road Trip

…. thank-you for everything you did for us on Trailblazers. It looks, and sounds, amazing.

Eleanor BaileyDirector of Production, Studio Ramsay Global

Trailblazers: A Rocky Mountain Road Trip

…. thanks for your hard work on Trailblazers. The team were so accommodating with our never-ending schedule, and everyone was really happy doing post at Directors Cut.

Jess HolderProduction Executive, Studio Ramsay Global