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In the first two months of 2017 we have post-produced over 80 hours of television for UK Broadcast Channels, as well as a 4K feature documentary for the USA. Prime Time shows include the documentary series “The Royal House of Windsor”, the entertainment series “Release The Hounds” and our continuing work on the iconic “South Bank Show”.

Single and short series documentaries include “Beatles – My Black Album”, the 2 part “Inside Dior” and for the BBC, amongst other current affairs strands, “Secret Cities”, “Simon Reeve” and “Stacey Dooley Investigates”. Daytime shows include “Royal Recipes”, “Masterpiece” and “Garden Rescue”.

How The Other Half Live

Channel 5 9pm
Thursday 19th July, Thursday 26th July, Thursday 2nd August

Spun Gold TV
Presented by: Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langford
Colourists: Damion Katwaroo, Andy Elliott
Online Editors: Andy Nicholson, Mike Green, Steve Alexander
Dubbing Mixer:  Thaddaios Yianni

Evil Monkeys

Thursday 2nd August ITV 2 9pm

Renegade Pictures
Produced and Developed by: James Donkin
Executive producer: Jonathan Levi
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer:  Thaddaios  Yianni

The South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2018

Wednesday 4th July Sky Arts 8pm

Edited & Presented by: Melvyn Bragg
Executive Producer: Suzannah Wander
Director: John L Spencer
Online Editors: Andy Elliott Mark Manning, Andy Nicholson

Tortured to Death: Murdering the Nanny

Tuesday 26th June Channel 5 10pm

Channel 5 Logo
Filmed, Produced & Directed by: Kristin Hadland
Spun Gold TV
Online Editor: Sam Mangan
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

The Great Exhibition of the North

Saturday 23rd June BBC 2 6.30pm

Director: David Shulman
Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni

The Double Life of George Michael

Thursday 21st June Channel 5 9pm

ITV/ Potato
Producer Storm Theunissen
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Ben Lee
Dubbing mixer Kate Davis

Ugly Me: My Life with Body Dysmorphia

From Wednesday June 6th BBC Three 10am

BBC Current Affairs
Produced, Directed & Filmed by: Marina Parker
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Steve Alexander
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

Orhan Pamuk: A Strange Mind

Sunday 27th May BBC One 10.30pm

Storyvault Films
Presented by: Alan Yentob
Produced & Directed: Jill Nicholls

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Andy Nicholson
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni

Pompeii’s Final Hours: New Evidence
3 Part Series.

Wednesday 30th May Channel 5 9pm

Voltage TV Productions

Series Produced & Directed By Jamie Simpson
Colourist:  Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer Thaddaios Yianni