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Britain’s Top 100 Dogs

The ITV show, presented by Sara Cox and Ben Fogle, reveals Britain’s Top 100 Dogs

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Ben Salkeld
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yanni

The Charlotte Show Series 2

Charlotte Crosby returns with a brand new season of The Charlotte Show.

Online Editor: Mike Green, Ben Salkeld, Sam Mangan
Dubbing Mixer: Richard Gallagher

Revolution in Ruins: The Hugo Chávez Story

A look at Hugo Chávez’s 14-year presidency – a story of short-term achievements in health and education but also of a tragic legacy of his idealism, populism and pursuit of power.

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis
Online Editor: Mike Green
Executive Producers: Sarah Waldron, Sam Bagnall

When Dummies Took Over The World

Bradley Walsh tells the story of Britain’s most famous puppet stars including Orville, Emu, Sooty, Lord Charles, Dicky Mint, Spit the Dog, and Nookie Bear.

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yanni
Online Editor: Sam Mangan

What Britain Bought in 2018

Mary Portas’ take on the retail pulse of the nation, finding out how the biggest showbiz, political and weather events of 2018 sent us racing off to spend our hard earned cash.

Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Dubbing Mixer: Richard Gallagher
Online Editor: Sam Mangan

Celebrity 5 Go Camping

Five famous faces set out into the wilderness of Britain’s camping culture

Dubbing Mixer: Richard Gallagher
Online Editor: Ben Salkeld

Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years in Public and in Private

Documentary featuring exclusive access to Sir Cliff Richard, following one of the toughest periods in his career as he celebrates 60 years in show business.

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yanni
Online Editor: Mike Green

Mariah: The Diva, The Demons, The Drama

Series 1, episode 1 of the new ‘Biopics’ series, exploring the highs and lows of Mariah Carey’s career, both professionally and personally.

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yanni

Escape from Dubai: The Mystery of the Missing Princess

The story of Princess Latifa, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who attempted to escape Dubai in early 2018 but was captured and hasn’t been heard from since.

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis
Online Editor: Mike Green

"On behalf of the American Princess team, my huge thanks to all of the team at Directors Cut for the herculean efforts in helping get our production to delivery.
Over the bank holiday weekend and again this morning your team displayed a technical brilliance, professionalism and dedication I have rarely experienced from a post production facility. Through all the pressure, the service was delivered with supreme courtesy and understanding."

Eamon Hardy Executive Producer, Spun Gold TV

“We are all in agreement, the Final Post on "Reported Missing" was the best experience we have had a Post Facility. For the creative input, professionalism and dedication - we are all very happy with the result, it was a great experience.”

David Hodkinson Executive Producer, Emily Lawton, Series Producer & Jim Incledon, Series Director, “Reported Missing”, Blast Films

"Working at Directors Cut was a delight. Indeed, I would say it was the just about the best post-production experience I have known. I’ll be back!"

John Pilger, Director (Utopia, Dartmouth Films)

"I am constantly bowled over by the dedication and quality of work of the Director’s Cut team."

Ben Wilson, Primal Media

"Thanks to everyone for such a great and supportive place to work. Nothing is ever too much trouble and it's such a friendly environment to spend days and weeks. Tech Support are 'support' and more. The final post is superb, the films look and sound terrific. Bookings always on the ball. The runners are so helpful."

Sheryl Sandler, Editor

"Tell Andy his grade looked fantastic.

My new favourite colourist."

Todd Downing, Editor (Broken by Battle: A Panorama Special)

"I wanted to thank you for your hard work, your words of encouragement and the downright professionalism of you and your team at DC, without which we would not have the fine films we have ended up with."

Simon Frederick, Iconoclast

"A big thanks to you and your team, for coping with this mammoth task of delivering this to all parties, You’ve all done brilliantly, and I feel we don’t tell you enough how much your flexibility is appreciated."

Carmelina Palumbo, Spun Gold TV

"Thank you so very much for all your wonderful support, advise and expertise. We would not have been able to make this happen without your wonderful team. Sincere thanks for all the hard work and extra hours and to your great team who worked through weekend. All hugely appreciated."

Rosie Kingham, Spun Gold TV

"Kate did a marvellous mix on 'Meet the Mormons' and coped effortlessly with the many musical transitions.

She is an absolute joy to work with."

Sean Mackenzie, Editor (Meet the Mormons)

"For sheer professionalism, excellence of skill and comfortable working environment, I have not experienced a post-production house like Director’s Cut. I will return, without question."

Dominic Best, director, BBC Classical

"The whole team could not have been more helpful or nicer to deal with. I was thoroughly pleased with the result. Thank you all for your ever-cheerful attitude. I always like working at DCF."

Jonathan Jones, Freelance Director

"From being looked after by Thea, Freddy, Alex, Andrea and Jack, to the technical guys who rush in like a SWAT team when Avid misbehaves, to the two great Andys (grade and online).. not forgetting Mikey and Mateo’s work in the background, and then Kate’s perfect final mix. And all looked after by the ever poised Rachael who orchestrated the whole process so attentively."

Alan Reich, Last Boat Limited

"I'd like to thank the team at Directors Cut for making our time there so memorable. Without a doubt it's one of the best post-production facilities I've worked in. The atmosphere was always welcoming and everyone was always very professional, 'can do' and helpful."

Alan Lowery, Co-Director (Utopia, Dartmouth Films)