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Speed with Guy Martin: Classic F1 Special

Guy Martin takes part in his first ever Formula 1 race, driving a classic 1983 Williams F1 car at Silverstone, against Jenson Button, who’s in a six-wheel prototype Williams F1 car from the 1980s.

A North One production for Channel 4

Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis
Written and Directed: Ewan Kiel

Meghan and Harry: The First 100 Days

The one-hour special marks exactly 100 days since the two tied the knot, ahead of their tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga.

A Spun Gold TV production for Channel 5

Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis
Exec Producer – Nick Bullen, Juliet Rice and Ross Curran
Line Producer – Samantha Wilkinson

Orangutan Jungle School

This series follows the stories of the orangutans and the staff at the world’s biggest orangutan rehabilitation centre.

An Antenna Pictures & NHNZ production for Channel 4

Online Editor: Mike Green
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni
Executive Producers: Jago Lee and Judith Curran
Producer & Director: Simon Brown
Series Producer: Dominic Ozanne

Travel Man 48 Hours In…

Richard Ayoade takes a ruthless approach to getting the maximum from a city break.

North One TV
Senior Producer: Chris Richards
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

Evil Monkeys

A comedy gameshow which sees a group of contestants land on ‘Monkey Island’.

Renegade Pictures
Produced and Developed by: James Donkin
Executive producer: Jonathan Levi
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer:  Thaddaios  Yianni

How The Other Half Live

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford explore the lifestyles of the super-rich.

Spun Gold TV
Presented by: Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langford
Colourists: Damion Katwaroo, Andy Elliott
Online Editors: Andy Nicholson, Mike Green, Steve Alexander
Dubbing Mixer:  Thaddaios Yianni

The South Bank Sky Arts Awards 2018

Wednesday 4th July Sky Arts 8pm

Edited & Presented by: Melvyn Bragg
Executive Producer: Suzannah Wander
Director: John L Spencer
Online Editors: Andy Elliott Mark Manning, Andy Nicholson

The Double Life of George Michael

He was one of the greatest pop stars of his generation, with millions of albums sold around the world. But behind the persona, things were not all they appeared.

ITV/ Potato
Producer Storm Theunissen
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Ben Lee
Dubbing mixer Kate Davis

Tortured to Death: Murdering the Nanny

Tuesday 26th June Channel 5 10pm

Channel 5 Logo
Filmed, Produced & Directed by: Kristin Hadland
Spun Gold TV
Online Editor: Sam Mangan
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

The Great Exhibition of the North

Saturday 23rd June BBC 2 6.30pm

Director: David Shulman
Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni

Ugly Me: My Life with Body Dysmorphia

From Wednesday June 6th BBC Three 10am

BBC Current Affairs
Produced, Directed & Filmed by: Marina Parker
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Steve Alexander
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

Orhan Pamuk: A Strange Mind

Sunday 27th May BBC One 10.30pm

Storyvault Films
Presented by: Alan Yentob
Produced & Directed: Jill Nicholls

Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Andy Nicholson
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni

Pompeii’s Final Hours: New Evidence
3 Part Series.

Wednesday 30th May Channel 5 9pm

Voltage TV Productions

Series Produced & Directed By Jamie Simpson
Colourist:  Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer Thaddaios Yianni

Operation Royal Wedding

Monday 21st May National Geographic UK 9pm

Spun Gold TV
Executive Producer: Gary Broadhurst
Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editors: Ben Lee, Steve Alexander
Dubbing Mixers: Kate Davis, Thaddaios Yianni, Nicholas Rowe

An American Princess

Friday 11th May FOX TV 8pm

Spun Gold TV
Znak & Co
Executive Producer for Spun Gold Eamon Hardy
Executive Producer for Znak & Co Natalka Znak
Colourist: Andy Elliott & Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Mike Green, Andy Nicholson, JP Vial
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni

Live La Revolution ! Joan Bakewell on May ‘68’

Wednesday 9th May BBC4 10pm

Storyvault Films
Colourists: Mike Green / Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Ben Salkeld
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni


6 Part Series From Sunday 6th May Sky 1 8pm

Primal Media
Executive Producer Nic Patten
Series Producer: Ben Archard
Colourist: Andrew Elliott
Online Editor: Andy Nicholson
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

Jazz Ambassadors

Friday 4th May BBC4 9pm

A co-production of Thirteen Productions, Antelope South Limited and Normal Life Pictures for PBS,  BBC and ZDF/ARTE.

Director: Hugo Berkeley
Producer: Mick Csaky
Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Andy Nicholson
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

The Royal Wives of Windsor

Monday 30th April ITV 9pm | Tuesday 1st May ITV 9pm

Spun Gold TV LTD
Series Produced & Directed By: Charlie Clay
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer: Kate Davis

Still on the Road The Jeff Beck Story

Friday 27th April BBC4 9pm

Eagle Rock Production
Directed and Edited by: Matthew Longfellow
Producer: Martin R Smith
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddiaos Yianni

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall

Monday 23rd April ITV 9pm

Spun Gold TV
Produced and Directed By: Jane Treays
Colourist: Andy Elliott
Online Editor: Mike Green
Dubbing Mixer: Thaddaios Yianni

"On behalf of the American Princess team, my huge thanks to all of the team at Directors Cut for the herculean efforts in helping get our production to delivery.
Over the bank holiday weekend and again this morning your team displayed a technical brilliance, professionalism and dedication I have rarely experienced from a post production facility. Through all the pressure, the service was delivered with supreme courtesy and understanding."

Eamon Hardy Executive Producer, Spun Gold TV

“We are all in agreement, the Final Post on "Reported Missing" was the best experience we have had a Post Facility. For the creative input, professionalism and dedication - we are all very happy with the result, it was a great experience.”

David Hodkinson Executive Producer, Emily Lawton, Series Producer & Jim Incledon, Series Director, “Reported Missing”, Blast Films

"Working at Directors Cut was a delight. Indeed, I would say it was the just about the best post-production experience I have known. I’ll be back!"

John Pilger, Director (Utopia, Dartmouth Films)

"I am constantly bowled over by the dedication and quality of work of the Director’s Cut team."

Ben Wilson, Primal Media

"Thanks to everyone for such a great and supportive place to work. Nothing is ever too much trouble and it's such a friendly environment to spend days and weeks. Tech Support are 'support' and more. The final post is superb, the films look and sound terrific. Bookings always on the ball. The runners are so helpful."

Sheryl Sandler, Editor

"Tell Andy his grade looked fantastic.

My new favourite colourist."

Todd Downing, Editor (Broken by Battle: A Panorama Special)

"I wanted to thank you for your hard work, your words of encouragement and the downright professionalism of you and your team at DC, without which we would not have the fine films we have ended up with."

Simon Frederick, Iconoclast

"A big thanks to you and your team, for coping with this mammoth task of delivering this to all parties, You’ve all done brilliantly, and I feel we don’t tell you enough how much your flexibility is appreciated."

Carmelina Palumbo, Spun Gold TV

"Thank you so very much for all your wonderful support, advise and expertise. We would not have been able to make this happen without your wonderful team. Sincere thanks for all the hard work and extra hours and to your great team who worked through weekend. All hugely appreciated."

Rosie Kingham, Spun Gold TV

"Kate did a marvellous mix on 'Meet the Mormons' and coped effortlessly with the many musical transitions.

She is an absolute joy to work with."

Sean Mackenzie, Editor (Meet the Mormons)

"For sheer professionalism, excellence of skill and comfortable working environment, I have not experienced a post-production house like Director’s Cut. I will return, without question."

Dominic Best, director, BBC Classical

"The whole team could not have been more helpful or nicer to deal with. I was thoroughly pleased with the result. Thank you all for your ever-cheerful attitude. I always like working at DCF."

Jonathan Jones, Freelance Director

"From being looked after by Thea, Freddy, Alex, Andrea and Jack, to the technical guys who rush in like a SWAT team when Avid misbehaves, to the two great Andys (grade and online).. not forgetting Mikey and Mateo’s work in the background, and then Kate’s perfect final mix. And all looked after by the ever poised Rachael who orchestrated the whole process so attentively."

Alan Reich, Last Boat Limited

"I'd like to thank the team at Directors Cut for making our time there so memorable. Without a doubt it's one of the best post-production facilities I've worked in. The atmosphere was always welcoming and everyone was always very professional, 'can do' and helpful."

Alan Lowery, Co-Director (Utopia, Dartmouth Films)